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Air Ambulance

Air ambulances for the South Central Region

Our two local Air Ambulance Charities operate from 7am to 2am, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Both Charities rely entirely on donations from the community to carry out their life-saving service.

The majority of incidents they get called to involve patients who have been seriously injured in road traffic collisions, have suffered life-threatening medical emergencies or sustained serious injuries from incidents such as sporting or industrial accidents.

What does the air ambulance do? A few questions.

Who pays for the service?

With no Government funding the air ambulance charities completely rely on the support of generous people like you. Every donation, really does make a difference. It keeps them flying and saving lives 365 days a year. There are lots of ways you can make a donation. You can either make a monetary donation or find out about how to fundraise through one of the regional website links below.

The two local air ambulance services in our area ensure that life-saving care can be provided rapidly wherever needed across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and Oxfordshire.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Does the air ambulance fly at night?

Both air ambulance charities are able to carry out night operations until 2am every day. They are equipped to be able to land safely at the scene of an incident in the dark, including on to motorways during rush hour in winter which could mean any time from 4.00pm onwards.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight and Thames Valley Air Ambulance both operate an H135, the latest generation of EC135 helicopter, which is specially equipped for night flying.

How long will it take for the air ambulance to reach me?

The air ambulance is usually airborne within four minutes. It flies at 140mph and reaches most locations in fifteen minutes. Flights to rural areas may take a little longer. A typical mission lasts about ninety minutes.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (HIOWAA)
The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance is based at Thruxton Airfield.

For more information about the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, please visit

The Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA)

Thames Valley Air Ambulance is situated at RAF Benson.

For more information about Thames Valley Air Ambulance, please visit

The Association of Air Ambulances

The Association was established as a membership body for those organisations which form the air ambulance services in the UK.  The Association’s membership which represents the majority of the air ambulance network is made up of charities, ambulance services and the supply chain that provides this valuable life saving service. Please visit for more information.


Amazing view of the Air Ambulance coming in to the Hospital from my bedroom window. Makes me very proud.