Governor elections

Our governors play an integral role in the running of our trust and represent you!

Each governor has a constituency and is committed to talking to local people to make sure your voices and opinions on the Trust are heard. The Trust’s Constitution sets out the principles of how the Council of Governors is governed.

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South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust will be holding elections to appoint new governors in a number of constituencies this year.

As a governor you can play a key role in shaping the future of our services so, if you are interested in being involved, find out more about what it means to be a governor and apply to stand in this year’s elections.

SCAS has vacancies for public governors across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and the rest of England and Wales.

To be eligible to be a governor you must be a member of the constituency you wish to stand for and be 16 or over. To find out more email or visit elections.


Public Governors

Elected by members


Staff Governors

Elected by staff members


Community First Responder Governor


Appointed Governors



Structure of our Council of Governors

Our Council of Governors is made up of three different types of governors.

You can view our current list of Governors here

The dates of our Council of Governors meetings can be viewed here

Upcoming elections

We have thirteen vacancies for a Public Governor including a new constituency, Rest of England and Wales. This new constituency will allow or members and public at large to be represented.

Governor vacancies:

Public governor vacancies

  • Berkshire = 2
  • Buckinghamshire = 3
  • Hampshire = 5
  • Oxfordshire = 2
  • Rest of England and Wales = 1

Staff governor vacancies

  • 999 North = 1
  • 999 South = 1
  • Patient Transport Service= 1
  • 999 Emergency Operations Centre (EO) = 1

The nominations will be held from 28 September to 26 October. This is your opportunity to submit your nomination if you want to stand in the elections. You need to be a member in order to stand in the elections. You can register here to be a member.

Please note that you can’t stand in the elections unless you are a members. Once you have become a member, you can nominate yourself (link to be published shortly).

The elections will be held in November with results available in December.

  • 28 September = Nominations open
  • 26 October (17:00) = Nominations close
  • 31 October = Deadline for candidate withdrawal
  • 16 November = Elections open
  • 12 December (17:00) = Elections close
  • 13 December = Results


You can find out more about the role at a Governor workshop. These will be held online in October. We will confirm date and time soon.

Public Governor workshops

  • TBC
  • TBC

Notice of poll

  • TBC


Contact with a governor should be addressed to them at the following address:

FAO Company Secretary
South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
7-8 Talisman Business Centre
Talisman Road
OX26 6HR.

Or you can send an email to Please remember to include the name of the Governor/s you would like to contact in your message.

How many governors do we have in total?

  • Public governors – Elected by our members who live in their county, broken down as follows: Hampshire x 6, Berkshire x 3, Oxfordshire x 3 and Buckinghamshire x 3
  • Staff governors – Elected by SCAS FT staff members, broken down as follows: 999 EOC x1, 999 Operations North x 1, NHS111 x 1, PTS and Logistics Field Staff x 1, 999 Operations South x 1, Corporate, Support, other x 1.
  • Community First Responder Governor (CFR) – Elected by SCAS CFRs to represent their views
  • Appointed Governors – Come from organisations that work closely with SCAS, for example local charities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, and local authorities.

Want to know more about the Governor role?

NHS Providers (who are the membership organisation for NHS public provider trusts), have produced a guide on their website. Click here to view.

You could also download the SCAS Constitution document for reference purposes.

See also our Policies and Procedures.