Equality & Diversity

We are actively monitoring and improving our diverse workforce

The Trust has completed three years of the adopted Equality Delivery System designed to support NHS commissioners and providers to deliver better outcomes for patients and communities and better working environments for staff, which are personal, fair and diverse.

Community First Responder in front of a SCAS vehicle

In the most serious of situations where those vital seconds count, ambulance resources will still be sent immediately, and we will also continue to immediately dispatch available community first responders and co-responders where appropriate too. Doing so will ensure that patients continue to get medically trained personnel and skilled clinicians by their side to start life-saving treatment as soon as possible.

Under the previous standards, life-threatening and emergency calls needed to be responded to within eight minutes. We know that most patients do not need this level of response, so under the new standards there are four response categories.

The grading is carried out by our staff and staff side on “EDS Objective 3 – Empowered, Engaged and Included Staff”. There are a total of 35 focuses to be considered and graded.

The Disability Confident Scheme

SCAS is a member of the Disability Confident Scheme as an employer who is committed to employing disabled people. The scheme demonstrates to disabled people which employers will be positive about their abilities.

In achieving membership of the scheme SCAS has demonstrated that it will:

  • interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a job vacancy and consider them on their abilities
  • ensure that there is a mechanism in place to discuss, at any time but at least once a year, with disabled employees, what both parties can do to make sure disabled employees can develop and use their abilities
  • make every effort when employees become disabled to make sure they stay in employment
  • act to ensure that all employees develop the appropriate levels of disability awareness needed to make sure these commitments work
  • review these commitments each year and assess what has been achieved, plan ways to improve on them and let employees know about the progress and future plans. SCAS has also established a Disability Network to support this important programme.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Network (LGBT)

SCAS has supported the establishment of the LGBT Network. The SCAS LGBT network comes together to celebrate the culture and contributions of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people within SCAS.

The network is open to all SCAS staff, volunteers or contractors regardless of sexuality and provides additional focus and resource to celebrate and promote equality and diversity, works to eliminate discrimination experienced by LGBT staff and supports staff with LGBT issues.

Equality & Diversity Steering Group

The purpose of the Equality & Diversity Steering Group is to provide support, advice, assurance and governance for the Trust Board to ensure the organisation is committed to:

  • Developing a culture of promoting Equality and Diversity and eliminating discrimination.
  • Meeting its duties and responsibilities under Equality, Diversity & Human Rights legislation and codes of practice, including NHS and the Department of Health standards
  • Promoting, recognising and valuing the diverse nature of communities and staff groups within South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

Disability Equality and inclusion network

True inclusion means being an active participant, with an equal voice, rights, and chances to succeed in an environment that takes you and your needs seriously. The group aims to

  • Raise the profile of disability equality and influence best practice
  • Work with the Trust to support our staff to reach their full potential
  • Promote SCAS as an employer of choice offering unique career opportunities
  • Sign post and promote access to equipment, buildings, training and support for our staff
  • Influence the Trust so that patients have access to the service without hindrance and with dignity.

Multi-Faith network

Regardless of what one believes at times of crisis, bereavement, depression or sickness, we often find ourselves in need of guidance. We may need spiritual guidance or it may be just someone who will provide support and encouragement and just be there to listen regardless of our beliefs.

  • To develop and maintain a network that provides informal friendship, signposting to pastoral support, understanding, unity and Multi-Faith prayer needs within the workforce
  • To encourage SCAS to maintain a safe and positive working environment for Multi-Faith staff and the elimination of religious discrimination for employees and patients
  • To promote SCAS as an employer of choice due to its positive outlook on equality and diversity in representing the community it serves
  • Celebrate difference and diversity through internal promotional activity on the Intranet and through external involvement in key regional events, (e.g. Ramadan, Diwali, Easter, Yom Kippur etc).

NHS Staff Survey

Our latest results are that 76% of staff confirmed in the annual staff survey that they had received equality and diversity training.

This results means that SCAS is above the national average when compared to all ambulance trusts.



The 2023 WRES and WDES Action Plans will be published by 30 November following Board sign off they are currently being revised as requested by your Executive Management Committee.