Our vision and values

Our values shape everything that we do.

From rescuing the public from danger to ordering a pen, corporate values make sure that we have a strong unified direction.

SCAS paramedic exiting ambulance

Our mission

We deliver the right care, first time, every time 

Our vision

To be an outstanding team, delivering world leading outcomes through innovation and partnership 

Our core values

  • Caring – Compassion for our patients, ourselves and our partners
  • Innovation – Continuously striving to create improved outcomes for all 
  • Professionalism –Setting high standards and delivering what we promise
  • Teamwork – delivering high performance through an inclusive, and collaborative approach 

Strategy documents

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Strategic Themes

  • clinical excellence – improving clinical outcomes, ensuring patient safety, and providing a positive patient experience.
  • operational excellence – achieving response time performance standards, resilience and efficiency.
  • effective stakeholder relationships – developing whole system solutions and seamless pathways of care.
  • sound governance, value for money and a strong financial standing.
  • leadership, staff engagement and a learning culture – developing the workforce, motivating and enabling our people to deliver excellence.
  • a network of profitable and high quality non emergency contracts.

The above strategic outline developed by the Board will inform and drive the Trust’s strategy and our integrated business plan, together with our milestone tracker and Board assurance framework.

We will achieve our vision by:

  • helping people access appropriate care by assessing individual needs and directing people to the most relevant service
  • dispatching emergency clinicians to treat people with life-threatening injuries or conditions and providing specialist care whilst transporting those people to the most appropriate healthcare facility
  • enabling people to stay safe and well in their own communities by providing mobile healthcare closer to home
  • supporting whole system healthcare by working with partner organisations to assess needs and plan care for local communities and individual needs.