Bleed control kits could help save lives

Dec 7, 2023 | Members e-Bulletin, News, Stakeholder eBulletin

Kits which could help stem traumatic bleeding have been placed in local shops in the Slough Borough Council area, for use in medical emergencies.

The council’s community and detached youth work team have purchased several of these kits and have worked with local shops to agree for the kits to be kept on site.

The kits contain the following items.

  • Large trauma dressing – designed to control moderate bleeding.
  • ChitoGauze® XR Pro – a haemostatic gauze dressing that is very effective, designed to control moderate to very severe haemorrhage.
  • Fox Seal Chest Seal – an innovative dressing for emergency management of penetrating chest wounds.
  • Tourniquet – easy to use tourniquet for stopping the flow of blood to the arms or legs.
  • Two pairs of disposable gloves – personal protection.
  • Scissors – emergency sheers for quickly and effectively removing clothes.
  • Emergency foil blanket – keeps patient warm and protected from the elements.
  • CPR face mask – if CPR is required the face shield protects the user.
  • Marker pen – used to note the time a tourniquet is applied – this is important when a hospital comes to remove it later.
Close up image of a public access emergency bleed control kit

Stacie Armand, senior youth and community detached youth worker, said: “Tragically so many lives are lost each year due to traumatic bleeding, some of which could have been prevented by properly using one of the recommended Bleed Control Kits.

“Those vital few minutes are paramount. Heroes often come in the form of zero responders i.e., someone on the scene. You or a member of the public with access to a kit can be that person who saves a life and prevents a tragedy.”

As well as placing the kits in publicly accessible venues across Slough, the team is handing out ‘AR’ cards, which give information on how to use the kits and details of their service.

Councillor Iftakhar Ahmed, lead member for community cohesion, planning, public health, public protection and leisure, said:It’s fantastic to hear these kits will be out in the community and can be used in an emergency. Any early intervention to stop a bleed will give the person injured a greater chance of survival.

“Help spread the word by letting your friends and neighbours know about the kits and their locations. Fingers crossed you’ll never need to use one, but it’s good to know it’s there if required.”

Laura Mathias, Head of Operations (Acting) for East Berkshire & South Buckinghamshire at South Central Ambulance Service, said: “Extreme bleeding can cause death within minutes. That’s why having more of these kits available to use whilst the ambulance service is on its way will save the lives of people who suffer severe bleeding whether from an assault or an accident.

“You don’t need any specialist skills to use the kits and our emergency call takers can talk you through how to use them correctly. This is a fantastic initiative and I hope it will encourage more businesses and organisations to get involved and ensure more bleed control kits are available across Slough.”

The kits are located in:

Slough High Street

  • The Moon and Spoon, 86-88 High Street, Slough SL1 1EL


  • Esso (Londis) Petrol Station, 135 High Street, Chalvey, Slough. SL1 2TW


  • Londis, 129 Earls Lane, Slough. SL1 5TD


  • Co-op, Twist Way, Slough SL2 2LX


  • Shamrocks, 12 Parlaunt Road, Slough SL3 8BB
  • Chicken Cottage, 258 Trelawney Avenue, Slough SL3 7UD

Manor Park

  • Manor Stores, 3 Villiers Road, Slough. SL2 1NW

If you want to discuss getting a bleed control kit in your venue, contact the team by emailing or call 07771 763205.

Information about bleed kits can be found on the Daniel Baird Foundation website.