Sports mad boy has to be brave as paramedics fix his dislocated knee on TV

Jan 21, 2021 | News

Jan 21, 2021

TV footage captures the moment when a schoolboy’s dislocated knee was manipulated back into place with the help of ambulance staff. 12-year-old Teddy’s knee ‘popped out’ when he was playing rugby at his school near Portsmouth early last year. He was in agony and couldn’t put any weight on his leg – he needed pain relief and his knee had to be put back into place.

Paramedic kneeling next to injured boy in field

Paramedic Mercedes Bateman and Emergency Care Assistant Ali Alves from South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), who were wearing body-mounted cameras, helped Teddy and filmed everything for TV show Inside The Ambulance: Coast and Country (W, Friday, January 22nd at 8.00pm).

Ambulance crew inside vehicle cab

Paramedic Mercedes Bateman (L) and Emergency Care Assistant Ali Alves (R)

“Teddy’s kneecap…looked quite deformed and he wasn’t able to straighten his leg,” says Mercedes. “He was already in a lot of pain so we’d need to give him some painkillers before we started doing anything. Popping Teddy’s knee back into place was going to be really painful.”

Mercedes gave Teddy Entonox – known as ‘laughing gas’ because of one of its side effects – to ease his pain. It’s commonly used during childbirth. But the treatment made Teddy dizzy and upset, so there was no time to lose before the pain relief wore off.

Injured boy has knee cap manipulated back into place

So Mercedes and Ali helped to manipulate the kneecap back into place by getting Teddy to carefully straighten his leg. Once the kneecap popped back their young patient was in a lot less pain.

But just to be safe, Teddy was taken to the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth for an x-ray to check if there was any more serious damage to his knee.

Watch Teddy’s story on Inside The Ambulance: Coast and Country on UKTV premium digital channel W on Friday, January 22nd at 8.00pm.

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