Do you know the the dangers of leaving people or pets in cars during hot weather?

Jul 7, 2015 | News

Dogs and cars

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) wants to make the public aware of the dangers associated with leaving your child or pet in a car even if for a very short time:

  • The internal temperature in your car will increase rapidly when the vehicle is stopped and
    there is no or very little ventilation
  • Small children and pets are very susceptible to the effects of extremes in temperature
  • If the body temperature of a small child or pet rises without sufficient ventilation then this
    can cause heatstroke which is a life endangering condition
  • Small children and pets can become dehydrated very quickly in warm temperatures.

Tony Heselton, Paramedic and Safeguarding lead said “Please NEVER leave your children or pets in the car at any time. Even short periods of time with the windows open slightly can cause the temperature in your car to rise to over 50 degrees Celsius in a matter of minutes, this can cause
heatstroke, dehydration and even death.”

REMEMBER: Take your small children and pets with you even if it’s just to pop in to the shop.

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