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How are we doing?

National targets are set by the Department of Health and they apply to every ambulance service in England. These standards are amongst the most challenging standards set for ambulance services in the world.

The targets ensure the Trust is measured against the percentage of calls responded to in 8 or 19 minutes depending on the priority of call with Category A calls measured as the highest priority. This data is extracted from the Trust’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems.

Category A calls are subdivided into Red 1 calls covering response to patients with critical conditions which are measured against an 8 minute response time, and Red 2 calls where the condition is less critical but still measured against an 8 minute response. All other red calls are measured against a 19 minute response.

NHS England Ambulance Quality Indicators

A dashboard, which has comparative data for all English ambulance services has been developed. This contains a narrative section which provides a brief overview of each of the indicators and further explanation around our performance. For a similar narrative on any other ambulance service you will need to view the dashboard on their website at