World Restart a Heart Day

Apr 16, 2022 | Campaigns

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) are proud to support the Resuscitation Council (UK) who run the campaign ‘World Restart a Heart Day.’ Restart a Heart Day’ is a global initiative to raise awareness and education of CPR and AEDs in the community and takes place every year on the 16 October.

For Restart a Heart Day, we normally take training into secondary schools.

Every year we host a ‘Facebook Live’ video event.

You can visit our Facebook page right here.

Currently in the UK, less than one (8.6%) in ten people survive a cardiac arrest. If we achieved the same survival rates of countries like Norway (25%), where CPR is taught in schools, an additional 100 lives could be saved each week – the equivalent of approximately 5,000 every year.

During last year’s Restart a Heart Day, we taught cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to over 8,000 youngsters across the South Central Ambulance Service operating area. The event was a huge success and received positive feedback and local media interest.

When the Pandemic is finished, hopefully by next year we will need lots of help and this is where you can play vital role.

  • If you are a teacher interested in having a SCAS representative come to train students in your school please let us know. We will be in touch to tell you how you can take part.
  • If you know and understand CPR and are registered with the ‘Disclosure and Barring Service’ (DBS), then you could help us instruct students on the day.

So, are you a school teacher? Can you help on the day? If so to either of these questions, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to send you the information on how to get involved.

Start a heart day school 1
Start a heart day school 2