Remember to keep hydrated and stay safe this summer

Jul 26, 2022 | Members e-Bulletin

The Met Office issued a Red Extreme Heat Warning for parts of central and southern England in July. The area covered by the warning includes parts of our South Central region.
Whilst the elderly, those with certain health conditions and young children are usually most at risk from high temperatures, the Red Warning meant that there is a risk of serious illness or even death amongst people who are fit and healthy too.
Remember to look after yourselves and others this summer, especially during hot weather. 
Heat Exhaustion 
Heat exhaustion can occur in high temperatures to anyone if you get too hot. Learn to spot the symptoms and know what to do.
More advice can be found here
Hot and humid weather increases your risk of dehydration and drinking fluids before you feel any dehydration symptoms is more important than ever.
Babies, children and the elderly are most at risk from dehydration in hot weather, but it can also happen to people who have to work outdoors, exercise vigorously in the heat or spend long time in hot, indoor spaces.
We have taken a number of patients who have become so dehydrated that they needed urgent hospital treatment.
Find out more about dehydration and how to prevent it here