Performance update

Jul 10, 2023 | Members e-Bulletin, Stakeholder eBulletin

May 2023 data shows 999, 111 and Patient Transport services remain busy.

  • 999 helped 50,600 patients across all categories. For the most urgent category 1 calls, our average response time was a little longer than the national average (8mins 38secs compared to 8mins 17secs). Category 2 response times were more than 5minutes faster than the national average (28mins 45secs compared to 32mins 24secs).
  • 111 took 155,000 calls, with those answered within 120 seconds rising to 74% (compared to 66% in April) thanks to increased staffing in our contact centres.
  • Patient Transport Services helped 75,500 patients get to and from hospital appointments in May with over 80% of planned journeys arriving on time.