Fifth and final HGV of donated supplies sent to Ukraine

Mar 22, 2024 | Members e-Bulletin, News, Stakeholder eBulletin

A fifth and final HGV load of medical supplies and equipment was picked up from SCAS’ Nursling Resource Centre on Thursday, 21 March, and is now on its way to Ukraine.

The donated goods are all out-of-date in terms of their ability to be used by NHS providers, such as SCAS, but are still perfectly usable and will make a huge difference to the two field hospitals in the Ukraine where they will arrive next week.

Paramedic Team Leader, Kate Ellis, who has led a team of willing SCAS volunteers over the last two years supporting Ukraine said: “This fifth and final lorry means we have donated over 100 tonnes of supplies and equipment to the two field hospitals in Ukraine that we have been supporting since the start of the conflict. The donations we have been able to collect will undoubtedly have helped save many lives and ensure more soldiers and citizens injured in the conflict are able to make the best possible recovery.”

“I would like to thank all my colleagues from across SCAS who have willingly given up their free time to make sure we have been able to support our medical colleagues in the Ukraine.”