Changes to journeys with our Patient Transport Service

May 25, 2022 | Members e-Bulletin, News, PTS News

Changes to South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) Patient Transport Service (PTS)

Following the change in national Infection Prevention & Control guidelines announced recently you may see some changes to your journeys with our Patient Transport Service.

SCAS team members will still wear protective equipment and masks, and we ask that you also continue to use a mask unless you are medically exempt.

To ensure that PTS patients and SCAS team members continue to have appropriate protection from Covid we are applying different measures for patients who identify that they have a respiratory illness such as COVID, flu, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

What will this mean for you?

Depending on your medical condition you might find that you share the vehicle transporting you with other patients, as happened before the Covid pandemic. This may mean that your journey takes a little longer as other patients are picked up, so we ask you to be ready slightly earlier to be collected.

The SCAS team members looking after you will be able to advise you on the new requirements.

Frequently asked questions:

How will I know that I am safe when travelling with PTS?

  • When you make a booking, you will be assessed to see if it is safe for you to travel with other patients. Your safety is our highest priority and infection prevention measures will remain in place.

What if I develop symptoms after making a booking?

  • If you are diagnosed with a respiratory illness you need to contact us to tell us so that we can do what is needed to prevent any infection.

Will a journey now take longer if SCAS is collecting/dropping off other patients?

  • Journeys may now include other picks ups and collections and take a little longer. We will be able to transport more patients by sharing vehicles, which means we can provide an improved service overall.

Can an escort still travel with me?

  • Only essential escorts/carers can travel with you. They must wear masks and cannot travel if they are feeling unwell or have symptoms of an infectious illness such as COVID-19.

Do I still have to wear a mask if I am exempt? 

  • You must wear a surgical mask unless you are medically exempt. If you are medically exempt you can travel with other patients if you are well and do not have any symptoms of a respiratory illness.

Can I be transported with other patients if I have symptoms of a respiratory illness?

  • You can be transported with other patients unless you have a diagnosed respiratory illness.

What happens if I am medically mask exempt but have symptoms of a respiratory illness?

  • You will be transported separately whilst Covid rates remain high in the community.

If I have symptoms of a respiratory illness, will I travel with a volunteer or private taxi provided by SCAS?

  • Unless you have a diagnosis of a respiratory illness, you may travel with a volunteer or taxi provider.