Be BBQ safe this summer

Jun 2, 2015 | News


The Hazardous Area Response Team for South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS HART) is sharing advice on how everyone can remain safe whilst on summer holidays, especially when around barbecues.

Staycations including camping trips are great fun for families but they bring with them the normal dangers that everyone faces outdoors.

Camping can be fantastic way to experience the great outdoors but SCAS HART is reminding people to take the right precautions for you and your fellow campers to stay safe and well. You should bear in mind the following when camping:

  • Never use a barbecue inside a tent due to the fire risk and to avoid the build up of carbon monoxide within the tent which can be fatal;
  • Check the rules regarding open fires and barbecues at your campsite;
  • Don’t change gas canisters or refuel stoves inside your tent and, if possible, store them outside;
  • Keep matches and lighters in a waterproof container and away from children;
  • Make sure all fires are damped down and that stoves, gas lamps, barbecues etc. are out before you go to bed;
  • Have a fire escape plan and know where the nearest water source is.

David Findlay, SCAS HART manager, said: “We urge people to always be careful around naked flames. When cooking on barbecues keep children at a safe distance and never use a BBQ inside a tent. Common accidents that we see include people tripping over guy ropes.

or treading on tent pegs so please vigilant around your camping zone and take a torch with you if venture around in the dark.

“We’d also recommend making sure you’re aware of your location, including local landmarks if you are in remote surroundings as these can be vital should you or a friend or relative fall ill. Taking a mobile phone with you is useful too should you become injured and need to phone 999.”

Always have a small first aid kit in your car or caravan to help treat minor injuries or illnesses such as cuts, grazes, allergies, insect bites, stings or diarrhoea or vomiting.