Governors are local people who have an Interest In and care about Improving their local health services for the good of the whole community. SCAS currently has 1 vacancy for a public governor In Oxfordshire. 

Professor Sir Keith Willett CBE, chair at SCAS, said: “Our members and our governors are at the core of the trust, and rightly have a say on how we can Improve our services to meet the needs of the people we serve. The NHS and SCAS really need to hear those voices and you can help make a difference to your local emergency services If you stand as a SCAS governor In this election.”

Helen Ramsay, lead governor at SCAS, said:” Governors care about Improving their local health services and are keen to develop stronger links between SCAS and their local communities. As a council of governors, we need to understand and represent the requirements of the people who we serve and actively listen and value what people have to say.”

Nominations open on 4 March and close at 5 pm on 19 March. In order to stand In the elections you need to become a member of the foundation trust, after which you can nominate yourself.

Anyone Interested In the role can find out more at