Patient story

Dec 12, 2022 | Members e-Bulletin

John Freeman,63, suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in High Wycombe in June last year and survived thanks to the efforts of SCAS paramedics and air ambulance colleagues.

His wife Yvonne, 62,  said: “Paramedics and air ambulance staff worked tirelessly to restart John’s heart after his cardiac arrest and kept him stable enough for the journey to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. We understand his ‘downtime’ (a return of sustained heart rhythm) was 50 minutes so we are absolutely amazed by his recovery.

“We cannot thank the team – including paramedics Luke, Julia and Charlie in Penn – enough for saving John’s life and giving him a future. After a staged return to work this year, John began full-time again in August following a family holiday in Florida and he maintains a daily brisk walk of 50 minutes to mark his second chance.

“We are only too pleased to share our story to support SCAS and it is wonderful to know that SCAS is saving lives”