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Wessex Cancer Alliance, working with Dorset Race Equality Council and Wessex Voices, are starting a new project and would really appreciate help and support across Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, to get involved and/or to share this information with others. Please see below for further information:

‘Prostate cancer affects 1 in 4 men from Black African, Caribbean and Black British communities, which is higher than the 1 in 8 men from other communities.  We know Black men are also less likely to act on their symptoms and visit the doctor, this means that if they have cancer then this can be harder to treat.  Wessex Cancer Alliance want to work together to make sure men are aware of this, that they know what to look out for and have the right information to decide what they need to do if they have concerns.

It is about how we can raise awareness with and for Black men in our area.  We want to explore this with them and ask what do men need to know about in relation to prostate cancer? And what would encourage them to decide what to do and seek help if they have concerns? We’d like to involve people from the beginning so have organised a couple of informal Zoom meetings to share more about the project, encourage people to share views and decide whether they want to get involved.’

You can join a Zoom call on Monday 19th April 2021 at either:

9.30-10.30am – zoom link

or 6.00-7.00pm – zoom link

If you are interested please email