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Whilst on standby our staff will sometimes have beautiful views from ‘the office’ whilst out and about. Here are a selection of some of the photos from this month:

Ambulance overlooking the Solent

Photo from Ben and Ben (two of our Community Engagement & Training Officers from Berkshire) at Hamble-le-Rice overlooking the Solent.

Ambulance vehicle with rainbow in the background

After a horrendous downpour of rain on the South coast this lovely rainbow appeared. Paramedic, Lacey, managed to get this beautiful picture whilst on standby at the D-Day museum in Portsmouth.

View from a SCAS vehicle overlooking houses and countryside

Emergency Care Assistant, Martyn, had a nice ‘view from the office’ whilst on his meal break.

Ambulance parked next to Oxford Headington shark
Bev and Dave radioed in with a strange request on arrival at an incident in Oxford.
“Control……you’re gonna need a bigger truck!”