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As our South Central Ambulance Charity celebrated volunteers week earlier in June SCAS wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you and urge everyone to keep check on the South Central Ambulance Charity Facebook page to see some of the work being carried out.

To find out more about volunteering opportunities within SCAS, visit the ‘get involved’ section on our website where you will see more about the work of volunteer responders and car drivers:

Here is Nimish’s story:

Earlier this year the quick intervention of CFR Nimish Desai helped to save the life of a local Oxfordshire resident. On this particular day Nimish, who has been a CFR for 5 years was on a day off and so he decided to book on as a CFR and be available to be called out.

Within 5 minutes of booking on Nimish received a call to attend a male in cardiac arrest, being local to the incident it took Nimish only 3 minutes to arrive at the scene where he found the patient collapsed and in cardiac arrest with the patients wife providing good quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Nimish proceeded to put on his protective equipment and then attach the automated external defibrillator (AED), the unit then analysed and delivered 1 shock to the patient. He then carried on delivering CPR.

Within 2-3 minutes further emergency ambulance crews supported by one of our Team Leaders arrived on scene and continued the resuscitation, following a further 2 shocks the patients heart started to beat on its own again. The patient was then stabilized and had their breathing assisted whilst being transported to hospital.

Living locally to the patient and being a keen runner Nimish bumped (not literally) into the patient a few weeks later. The patient told Nimish they had spent a week in Intensive Care and had an internal defibrillator fitted and they were recovering slowly.

The early intervention of the patient’s wife and the actions of Nimish and the ambulance crews that attended on the day all played a part in this successful resuscitation.


Image of Nimish with a CFR vehicle in a city centre

A huge thank you to each and everyone of our volunteers for being part of our wonderful team.

This last year has been incredibly hard for everyone and yet you have all been there for your communities and when your ambulance service has needed you

Group of images of volunteers and a thank to all our volunteers