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Earlier in May, Portsmouth-based Paramedic & Team Leader, James O’Kennedy, was invited along with Transport Secretary, Grant Schapps, to take part in the latest national road safety campaign run by The AA UK focusing on the risks that young drivers face on rural roads.

James has seen the aftermath of the risks rural roads pose to young drivers during his career as a paramedic. In his experience, each rural crash involving a young driver which he has attended has had a number of contributory factors including high speeds, slippery conditions around farms, adverse weather and failure to allow sufficient passing space on tight country lanes.

“Attending any road death is always a difficult experience but to attend an incident where a young driver, or those travelling with them, have lost their life is especially traumatic.

“As well as being deeply tragic for those involved, these incidents can have a significant life-long effect on the emergency services personnel who attend the scene.”

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Team of people attend to a serious car accident