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World Aids Day

World AIDS Day takes place every year on 1 December and it is the perfect time to remind ourselves how we can provide the best support to people living with HIV across the country.

SCAS is part of the National Ambulance LGBT Network and in the Network’s first joint venture it has worked closely with the National AIDS Trust to produce a new resource pack for ambulance staff to coincide with World AIDS Day. In this you will find:

  • Up-to-date facts and figures about HIV in the UK
  • Information about HIV prevention and treatment
  • Providing the best service to people living with HIV
  • Where you can find more information

Providing good care to people living with HIV – Resource Pack

The National Ambulance LGBT Network will be supporting the red ribbon campaign and encouraging ambulance services to raise money to continue important research that continues to improve to treatments available to people.

Some additional posters are provided here to help you promote your events. These are included here with the permission of the National AIDS Trust.

Find out more information at