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Save a life

Public Access Defibrillator

Where is your nearest AED?

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We have an amazing Android & Apple app that users can access via their smartphone or tablet. Our app uses GPS functionality to show where the nearest AED is as well as a list of other AEDs in the area. It also features videos, CPR instructions and a section that will answers many of your cardiac arrest and heart attack questions.

Apple version

Download on the app store

Download on the app store

Android Version

Download Save a life app in the Google Play Store

Download Save a life app in the Google Play Store

Remember, the first thing to do in any real emergency is to ring 999.

Please make sure that you have the latest version of the App installed and that you regularly update the list or clear your internet cache as appropriate to your device.

If you already have an AED installed but can’t see it on our map please tell us about it by emailing

If you would like to raise the funds to provide an AED in your community the cost including a secure box is £1850 excluding fitting charges. SCAS can provide funding assistance to interested businesses and organisations by directing them to charities, grants and community fundraising schemes. The Trust can also provide AED awareness training to those who purchase one.

The Trust’s Public Access Defibrillator initiative is designed to complement SCAS’ Community First Responder (CFR) Schemes across our region and to enhance the service we provide.


How to use a defibrillator