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World restart a heart day

South Central Ambulance Service are very proud to support The Resuscitation Council (UK) who are running a campaign called ‘World Restart a Heart Day’.

This is an initiative aimed at teaching secondary school children how to carry out Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and raise awareness in how important this is to someone who suffers a cardiac arrest.

On the day each year we teach school children about CPR in various locations across our four counties. Every year we need lots of help, and that’s where you come in!

You can help us if you are one of the following people:

  1. If you are a teacher interested in having a SCAS representative come to train the students in your school please let us know. We will be in touch to tell you how you can take part
  2. We aim to get as many instructors as possible at each school and are looking for people to train the children how to perform CPR. As well as teaching students your duties will include collating all of the information, collecting the certificates, ensuring the facilities at the school are suitable and making sure that the day runs smoothly.

So, are you a school teacher or a CPR volunteer? Can you help on the day? Then please contact us on