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Jeff Porter Armed Forces Week 2018

Army Veteran now Ambulance Care Assistant with SCAS

What’s your Armed Forces background?

I am proud to have served in the Army for 20 years. I spent nine years as an instructor and was fortunate to train approx. 2,500 troops before they were deployed overseas in the run up to the Gulf War.

What interested you about joining the ambulance service?

I suffered a heart attack a number of years ago; this really opened my eyes as to the pressure that the NHS was under. I have always been a caring person and qualified in first aid whilst in the Army. After leaving the Army I initially joined St John Ambulance which gave me a great insight into the different roles in today’s ambulance service. I went on to join SCAS as an ambulance care assistant (ACA) and am thoroughly enjoying this challenge.

What transferable skills gained in the Armed Forces do you utilise in your role with SCAS?

The camaraderie within the Military is second to none and this is replicated out on stations here at SCAS.

What do you enjoy most about working for SCAS?

I enjoy forming friendships with my patients; I find that people like speaking to me. The Army and ambulance service are very similar – we see different things every day, and I am proud to make a difference.

What advice would you give someone thinking about leaving the Armed Forces who may be interested in working for SCAS?

The pay may not be the best out there but there aren’t many roles that are so greatly rewarding. I have the ability to progress in SCAS, and when I come home I have a feeling of great job satisfaction and I work with great people. I would definitely recommend people with a caring nature and who look out for others to come and work at SCAS; you’ll feel right at home.