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Become a governor

Find out more here why becoming a governor for SCAS, one of the best performing trusts in the country, can be a rewarding choice.

If you have an interest in, and commitment to, improving public health, increasing the public’s understanding and awareness of the ambulance service, and want a challenging role that can make a difference, then becoming a SCAS governor may be for you. You do not need to be a health specialist.

Governors serve a term of three years and before any governors election we ask for Trust members who are motivated, enthusiastic and willing to engage with their local community to increase their involvement with the Trust by standing as a governor. It is important to us as an NHS Foundation Trust to get a wide range of people from different age groups, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds to best represent the people within their constituency.

To be eligible to become a governor you must: 

  • be a member of the constituency you wish to stand for
  • be 16 or over.

Being a governor can be a very rewarding experience, and governors have the opportunity to: 

  • represent the views of their constituents and shape the way our services are delivered
  • hold the Board’s non-executive directors to account for the Trust’s performance
  • attend events throughout the year which offer them the chance to engage with members of their constituency and members of staff
  • fulfil statutory responsibilities such as the appointment of Non-Executive Directors and the trust Chairman.

The Council of Governors is a body of 26 elected and appointed members who have a direct involvement in the running and development of the foundation trust. The Council is made up of fifteen elected Public Governors, five elected Staff Governors and six Appointed Governors and is presided over by the Chairman.

You must become a member in order to stand for election as a governor.