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Emergency ambulance care in the COVID era

Oxfordshire-based Paramedic, Emma Williams, wanted to document the extraordinary lengths she and her colleagues went to in order to keep their patients and themselves safe during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst continuing to deliver compassionate care and high-quality treatment. This gallery contains a selection of the photos she took during Summer 2020 when she accompanied her colleagues – in her own time – on a number of ambulance shifts across Oxfordshire.

“These were extraordinary times as the first wave of COVID-19 arrived in the UK and as a photographer as well as a paramedic, I wanted to preserve forever this snapshot of what it was like continuing to deliver emergency care during the pandemic. A heartfelt thank you to the patients and colleagues who allowed me to share their stories.”

Emma is hoping to undertake a similar project across the Trust’s 999, NHS 111, corporate and patient transport services during the second wave.

Emma Williams

Paramedic and Photographer

Photos are subject to copyright and are not to be used without permission
© Emma Williams / Instagram: @lightgreen_emma

All photos taken with the consent of patients and staff.

Emma Williams - Paramedic and Photographer