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Brian Lilley Armed Forces Week 2018

Army Veteran now Compliance, Driving and Education Facilitator.

Brian Lilley

What’s your Armed Forces background?

I worked in the Army for 23 years in the Royal Green Jackets; during my time in the regiment I had various roles but finished by running the Battalion Signals Platoon. I traveled to many places including Hong Kong, South Korea, Northern Ireland (on many occasions), Germany, Cyprus and many postings in the UK with two tours at the Army Training Regiment in Winchester.

Tell us about the roles you have played within SCAS?

I joined SCAS in 1997; due to my experience within the Signals I was able to transition into my role as a supervisor within Emergency Operation Control (EOC) room with ease. I have now been in SCAS for 21 years and have been able to utilise many of my skills working within many functions including: EOC, Education, Operations, ICT (working on installing new radio systems throughout the Trust), Training – both new recruits in our Patient Transport Service and Student Paramedics at the University of Portsmouth .Now I’m back in Driving Education working as the Trust’s Compliance Lead.

How was your transition into SCAS?

Working within SCAS is a different world. When I was in the Army it felt as though we were very protected; upon moving into the civilian workforce it became very real that we were in charge of our own welfare. I came from a world where we were looked after; then all of a sudden I was the one who had to support my friends and family – after 23 years this was tough going. I have been very fortunate in my time at SCAS to have met a lot of former Forces personnel who have all been really friendly and very helpful to chat to. This made the transition to civilian life easier but it was still a long hard road to settling down.

What transferable skills gained in the Armed Forces do you utilise in your role with SCAS?

I had lots of training within the Army. I found that I was very knowledgeable of radio systems (this was down to my former role). Teamwork plays a big part in all roles here at SCAS along with professionalism, leadership skills and being able to problem solve.

What advice would you give someone thinking about leaving the Armed Forces who may be interested in working for SCAS?

Look into the role and the Trust fully; don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.