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Brendan Mills Armed Forces Week 2018

Australian Army Veteran now Registered Paramedic

What’s your Armed Forces background?

I enlisted in the Australian Army in 2009 and served nearly five years in the regular Army in the 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment as an Infantryman.

I served a further 2.5 years as an active Reservist in the Royal Australian Medical Corps as a Medic.

What interested you about joining the ambulance service?

The challenge of paramedicine appealed to me and the desire to care for and look after people in need. It has similar themes to Military service however allows a more stable home life.

How was your transition from the Armed Forces into SCAS?

I had discharged from the regular Army and commenced my degree of paramedic science in 2015. So there were a few years of separation between both my Military career and employment with SCAS.

What transferable skills gained in the Armed Forces do you utilise in your role with SCAS?

Lots of your training and experience in the Armed Forces sets you up brilliantly to make the change into the ambulance service. At SCAS there are so many similarities between the way people work and the organisation operates, such as a strong team ethic, discipline with training, maintenance of skills, meeting critical timings, autonomy to make independent decisions, self-awareness of physical and mental health.

What do you enjoy most about working for SCAS?

Every day is different and a new opportunity to learn and develop clinical and communicative skills.

What advice would you give someone thinking about leaving the Armed Forces who may be interested in working for SCAS?

If pre-hospital healthcare interests a former serviceman then an ambulance service like SCAS is an excellent pathway.