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Tony Nicholson

It was several years as a Trustee with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance that first introduced Tony to the critical role and dedicated people of SCAS.

He already had the belief in ‘public services’, starting as a RAF helicopter pilot and onwards right through to a board position in a government Defence Agency: learning about team-working and leadership across policy, operations, training, support and project management. Later, he specialised in service and delivery roles from the private sector, both as executive and adviser; and that also fed his interest across the wider emergency services field including Police, Fire and Search and Rescue.

The last of his shaping experiences has been on the panel of Cabinet Office Reviewers: independent and constructive testing of selected Government Major Projects against best practice in respect of what works – and what doesn’t.
Tony is driven by the desire to help make things work and improve outcomes, by drawing on all those accumulated experiences. It’s clear that, like other public bodies, SCAS faces a range of increasing challenges. Being a Governor, and representing SCAS members and the wider community of Hampshire, offers the chance to support a committed team in delivering a service that matters to all of us.

If you would like to get in touch with Tony, you should do so at the following address:

Company Secretary
South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
7-8 Talisman Business Centre
Talisman Road
OX26 6HR.

Or you can send an email to