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Stephen Bromhall

As one of the public governors for the citizens of Buckinghamshire, I am here to help support you understand more about our service. My remit as a public governor is to represent you within the wider SCAS organisation and provide you with guidance on any queries you may have in the way the service operates for us the citizens.

As a public governor my role is to work with the SCAS Directors as well as other governors to ensure that the organisation continues to deliver exemplary care when we most need access to the service. I am passionate that we are here to assist and support the SCAS staff to continue the amazing role they undertake for us all.

I work for the NHS outside of Buckinghamshire for the neighbouring East of England Ambulance Service in a technology leadership position. I have worked with healthcare technology for many years, as a governor I commit to support SCAS in the emerging NHS digital transformation. The future NHS plans will enable better patient outcomes across the whole of the health economy by joining up patient information at the point of care delivery.

If you would like to get in touch with Stephen, you should do so at the following address:

Company Secretary
South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
7-8 Talisman Business Centre
Talisman Road
OX26 6HR.

Or you can send an email to